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Emergency Readiness for You and Your Family

Top Recommendations:

  1. Keep a sturdy pair of shoes in a bag under your bed for safe escape. Keep a flashlight tucked into
    one of them or ensure each bedroom has a power-failure light.
  2. Practise getting out of your home, school or workplace safely.
  3. Pack a small grab ‘n go comfort kit for each family member to keep with them at all times (water, food bars, light stick, emergency blanket, whistle, etc.)
  4. Use ICE (In Case of Emergency) in your cell phone address book to designate who is to be notified if you are injured or carry emergency contact info at all times.

This section will:

  1. Provide readiness strategies that are common to all disasters. You plan only once, and are able to
    apply your plan to all types of hazards.
  2. Provide suggestions to help you and your family become self-sufficient in the event of an
  3. Offer a guideline for putting together a family emergency plan.
  4. Outline water, food, medical and other emergency supplies you should have on hand.
  5. Teach you how to practice and maintain your family emergency plan.

Emergency Planning

Listen to the local radio to get timely information updates during an emergency/disaster.  ALL ARE ON THE FM
BAND: CBC Radio One 88.3; CBC Radio Two 101.7; CKPR 91.5; Rock 94.3; Magic 99.9; Energy 103 – 104; Country 105.3; Francais (French) 89.3.

Topics in this section:

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