Developing a Reunion Plan

Reunion Sites

  • Your family’s first reunion site should be your home.
  • Identify 2 other places to go if your home is not accessible. Make one in the neighbourhood and the second outside the immediate area. Possible sites may include: neighbours, friends, nearby relatives’ homes or designated reception centres. If you need to leave your reunion site, make sure you leave a note telling others where you have gone.
  • Fill in the reunion sites on the back of the emergency contact cards for each family member to carry with
    them at all times (see cut-out cards on Page 78 of the Emergency Readiness Workbook).

Emergency Contact Person

  • Choose a relative or friend who lives outside the disaster area, preferably in another province or country
    that family members can contact if it becomes impossible to reach your home or reunion sites. Communication within a disaster area is harder to establish than calling to an area not affected by the
  • Fill in the emergency contact cards with this information.
  • In the event family members cannot reach one of your reunion sites, remind them to contact this person
    as soon as they can to report how and where they are and their plans for the next few days. Keep conversations short as the phone system will be overloaded.

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