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Emergency Planning

Every municipality, regardless of size and location, can be seriously disrupted by an emergency. This could take the form of a plane crash, severe storm, flood, fire, chemical spill or similar disaster.

All capable adults are responsible to be prepared for unforeseen emergencies. While nobody can predict an emergency, it is important to plan for a variety of possibilities. Your personal plan can make a significant difference to you and your family’s well-being. Emergencies can and do occur without warning. Think now about getting prepared.  Take the Emergency Readiness Challenge to see how prepared you and your family are.

After completing the challenge, get prepared using the 26 weeks to Emergency Readiness Guide.  Refer to the below sections to find out how to best prepare and respond in an emergency/disaster.

Want to download the following information in print?  You can download the Emergency Readiness Workbook or contact us to get a copy.

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