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Responding Safely During Emergencies

Top Recommendations

  1. Always take the time to check for hazards around you or where you are trying to move to before taking action.
  2. To extinguish fire on your clothing, Stop, drop and roll.
  3. Close doors when exiting a building during an emergency.
  4. Stay Calm so you can think clearly.

This section of the workbook will outline:

  • Ways to prevent injury and stay safe.
  • What to do for specific hazards.
  • Where to seek shelter from all types of hazards.
  • What you should do after an emergency or disaster.

Emergency Information:

Listen to local radio to get timely information updates during an emergency/disaster ALL ARE ON THE FM BAND: CBC Radio One 88.3; CBC Radio Two 101.7; CKPR 91.5; Rock 94.3; Magic 99.9; The Thunder 103.5; The Giant 105.3; Français (French) 89.3.

Topics in this section:


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