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Fire Suppression Division

The overall mandate of Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services is life safety. Within that mandate the primary role of the Fire Suppression Division is to provide trained personnel to respond to calls for assistance from the citizens of Shuniah in a timely manner and utilizing the equipment provided. Fire Suppression personnel (Firefighters) respond to a wide variety of incidents besides fires, including medical first response calls, carbon monoxide calls, and specialized rescues in the area of auto extrication and hazardous materials responses to the awareness level.

The Fire Supression Division reports directly to the Deputy Fire Chief and consists of two Captains, two Acting Captains, a Training Officer and twenty-one firefighters broken down into two platoons. 

Shuniah firefighters are trained to the current Provincial Standards outlined by the Office of the Fire Marshall. This commitment is required to maintain the level of competency necessary to successfully respond to and deal with emergencies on behalf of the Municipality. To maintain competency, Suppression crews spend a considerable amount of time training for the various incidents that may arise within the Municipality.

Suppression crews are also assigned the responsibility of ensuring the equipment used during emergency responses is maintained in working order. Since the need for this equipment is unpredictable, it is necessary that checks be made regularly to ensure that it works when required. While the stations are designed to efficiently house the vehicles and staff, they are still public buildings and must be cared for. Suppression Crews are responsible for the general day-to-day care and maintenance of the stations.

For detailed information on SFES Fire Stations and the apparatus (Fire Trucks) assigned to them, click on the stations link below:

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Station #3

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