Protecting Your Home from Flooding

If your home is located near a creek, pond, swamp, river or lake, check with the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority office (344-5857) to determine if your property is located in a known “flood plain.” If that is the case, you will need to take additional precautions which are outlined in the booklet “Flood Proofing Your Home” that is available through your provincial government offices or from Emergency Management Ontario. These precautions are your responsibility to undertake.

When Flooding is About to Happen:

Wrap Your Home in Polyethylene Sheeting

Wrap the exterior lower levels of your home with plastic sheeting for extra protection to its structure. Use sandbags to secure the base of the sheeting and brace the structure with 2” by 4”s and sandbags.

Shut Off Electrical Power

Shut off all electrical power by shutting off the main power breaker to your house and outbuildings. In suburban or rural areas the yard switch must be opened.

Shut Off Gas or Oil Fired Appliances

Shut off the propane or natural gas supply valve to all appliances. These valves are usually in the gas line near the bottom of the appliance or the gas pipe leading to your furnace or boiler.

Turn Off Propane Tanks and the Natural Gas Meter

Turn off the valve at the tank or the natural gas meter. Disconnect tubing to a propane tank and securely plug it. Fasten a cable, heavy rope or chain around the tank and secure the other end to a pole, building or substantial structure to prevent the tank from floating away. Once the flood waters have gone down, have the tank safely re-installed and connected to the appliances. Do not attempt to do the re-connection yourself.

Remove Chemicals to a Dry Area

Dangerous chemicals such as weed killer, insecticides and corrosives should be removed to dry areas to reduce the dangers of contamination, fires, explosions and personal injury.

Remove Valuables from Basements and Lower Floors

Furnishings and items stored in basements may be ruined by flood waters and where possible should be removed to higher floors.

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