Hazardous Materials Safety

  • Keep only those chemicals you need and use. Dispose of old or unwanted chemicals at a designated collection depot.
  • Except when flooding is imminent, place pesticides, gasoline, paint thinners and other chemicals on the floor, on a low shelf or in a locked cabinet. They should also be away from children’s play area.
  • Chemicals should be stored well away from any water or food storage items.
  • Make sure container lids are tightly closed.
  • Store ammonia and bleach in different locations. If mixed, they create toxic fumes.

Shelter in Place

If there is a Hazardous Materials Spill in your area – for example a highway transport truck accident or a train derailment – you may be instructed to Evacuate or Shelter In Place.

See detailed evacuation and shelter instructions in the next chapter.

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