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  1. Day Care Inspections
  2. Hotel Fire Safety Inspections
  3. Two Unit Residential – 9.8 Inspections
  4. Multi-Unit Residential up to five stories – 9.5 Inspections
  5. School Inspections
  6. Industrial Inspections
  7. Commercial Inspections
  8. License Inspections

Day Care Inspections

The inspectors in the division inspect all large day cares on an annual basis to ensure code compliance. We also inspect any home based day care on a request basis. For home daycares we ensure that there are adequate exits on the levels of the home that the children are being cared for in. We also ensure that the home has operating smoke alarms installed in proper locations. Proper size and location of portable fire extinguishers and appropriate escape plans are also necessary and reviewed by the inspector.

Hotel Fire Safety Inspections

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is responsible for the inspections of all hotels in the city. Currently, the hotels must conform to the requirements set out in the Ontario Fire Code.

Two Unit Residential – 9.8 Inspections

Section 9.8 of the Ontario Fire Code deals with the upgrading of accessory apartments. Examples of accessory apartments include basement apartments situated in a single family home; two residential units side by side with a common entrance area; and a building with two apartments situated one on top of each other. The owners of these buildings must ensure that exiting, fire detection/annunciation, suppression, containment and the electrical system(s) meet the minimum life safety requirements as set out in section 9.8 of the code. The fire inspectors in the Fire Prevention Division will help the owners to achieve compliance by sharing code knowledge and trouble shooting situations that may be difficult to comply with.

Multi-Unit Residential up to five stories – 9.5 Inspections

These inspections are part of the fire code retrofit section dealing with multi-unit apartment buildings up to five stories in building height. Section 9.5 of the code is used when the building has three or more residential units with at least two sharing a common area such as an exit corridor.

School Inspections

Many hours are spent in the city’s schools, both elementary and secondary, to ensure that the buildings where our children go to school are fire safe. The schools in our city are inspected on a yearly basis and a check of the fire drill procedures are done at that time. We are often asked to speak to the students about our careers as fire inspectors.

Industrial Inspections

Industrial facilities are inspected on a regular basis and on request to assure compliance with all Ontario Fire Code regulations.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial facilities are inspected on a regular basis and on request to assure compliance with all Ontario Fire Code regulations.

License Inspections

All occupancies that require licensing are inspected upon request to assure compliance with Ontario Fire Code regulations.

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