Media Release: Pearl Wildfire

Rapid attack fire truck with fire in backgroundShuniah (June 29, 2022) – At approximately 5:30pm on June 28, 2022, Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services (SFES) responded to a report of a wildfire in the area of east of 5 Road North and north of Highway 11/17.

Upon arrival, fire crews reported a large brush fire that was approaching the tree line. Fire crews quickly started an initial attack and requested the aid of Ministry of Natural Resources – Air, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services (AFFES) crews, who arrived just after 6:30pm to assist in containing the fire.

Much of the fire was knocked down and the fire status was listed as being held at the time Shuniah and Pass Lake fire crews cleared the incident. The incident, listed as THU007, was left in the control of AFFES crews with Shuniah and Pass Lake fire crews having cleared the scene just after 9:00pm. AFFES crews continue to operate on THU007 as of 10:00am today.

Fourteen SFES firefighters, two Pass Lake Firefighters, one AFFES Engine, and two AFFES ground crews responded to the call. Ontario Provincial Police also responded to the call due to the concern of smoke crossing the highway. All SFES units were back in service by 11:00pm.

SFES would like to ask the public to remain vigilant for wildfires and to have an updated emergency kit and plan.

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