McKenzie Station Road Wildfire

Grass fire at McKenzie

Grass fire at McKenzie Station Rd

Shuniah (May 16, 2018) – At approximately 2:00pm this afternoon, Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services (SFES) Chief, Blair Arthur, discovered smoke on the horizon in the direction of McKenzie Station Road and put out a call for response.

Upon arrival, fire crews reported a wildfire approximately 150 by 15 meters in size along the railway track and within 30 meters of residential structures. Fire crews quickly started attacking the wildfire with priority on the area approaching the structures. Ministry of Natural Resources – Air, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services (AFFES) crews arrived just before 3:00pm to assist in containing the fire.

Fire crews had much of the fire knocked down just after 3:00pm with it being declared under control just before 4:00pm. The incident was left in the control of AFFES crews, and the remaining crews cleared the scene just after 4:00pm

Eight SFES firefighters, one Pass Lake Firefighter, one AFFES Engine, and three AFFES ground crews responded to the call. All SFES units were back in service by 5:00pm.

SFES would like to ask the public to remain vigilant for open fires and wildfires during the Restricted Fire Zone and to call 9-1-1 as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of extinguishing a spreading fire quickly.


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