Fast Response saves Home from Major Damage

December 11, 2016 – SHUNIAH, ON – A fast response and interior attack by Shuniah firefighters late Sunday afternoon saved a Silver Beach Drive home from major damage, says Shuniah Fire and Emergency Services Chief Blair Arthur.

At 4:10 p.m., a local man arrived home to the 1300 block of Silver Beach to find the windows blackened in the large addition being built onto his home. Opening the door, he was confronted by smoke and wisely closed the door quickly, left the building and called 911.

Upon arrival, a Shuniah attack team wearing breathing apparatus crawled through the smoke and heat and found the flames in a back corner near a cordless power tool and batteries. They quickly knocked down the fire and another crew cleared the heavy smoke with a positive pressure fan.

Other firefighters checked for hotspots with a thermal imaging camera and pulled away blackened insulation with pike poles.

It then became apparent how close the entire addition had been to being engulfed in flame. Vapour barrier plastic on the newly-insulated walls and ceiling had melted and dripped to the floor as had other plastic objects in the addition, including storage bins.

A total of 12 Shuniah Fire personnel responded in a Command vehicle, two Pumpers and two Tankers. All equipment was rehabilitated and put back into service by 6:30 p.m.

Chief Arthur will be continuing the investigation into the fire’s cause and he can be reached for further comment Monday morning at 807-983-2021.

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